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    I guess you followed my tutorial.

    You said:

    I added the startup parameter "[email protected];@ZomBerryAdminTools;"

    Insert only the following in the webinterface :


    That was it! It wasn't loading CF but would load anything behind the first mod, causing the errors.

    My mistake on treating the dialog box as needing the -mod parameter set, I didn't think it would already be coded in there and all I had to do was add @Mod1.

    Thanks Guys

    I recently installed CF and Zomberry Admin Tools as per the Tutorial thread in the forums but it seems that ZB is throwing errors and crashing the server at startup. "ZomBerry/AT/scripts/5_Mission/zomberrymenu.c(607): Unknown type 'CallType' " is the specific error but it seems that this is an issue if CF is not loaded correctly? I'm trying to chase the rabbit using google but I can't seem to get this figured out. I added the startup parameter "[email protected];@ZomBerryAdminTools;" (should this have quotes around it in the startup line? I've seen it both ways) at install per the tutorial but nothing seems to work. Is this an issue with the new 1.08 update? I have read that it broke a lot of mods, but then I ask, how are so many other servers up and running still if it broke a bunch of mods?