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    Dhansak, Empyrion has been terrible on here for me also. Ive had my server for close to a month and it seems like nearly half that time its been unuseable. Ive used nitrado to play 7 Days To Die with no major issues in the past, so my opinion is that its probably more on the server software. That said, Nitrado is not a very user friendly company to deal with. “Keep resetting” is not a proper approach to fixing issues either. Its pretty plain and clear from my log files the server software can’t load all the necessary files. Why is it so hard to simply put somebody on interpretting what the logs are saying is the issue.
    Also, as near as i can tell, the server failing to show on the servers lists is because the software is failing to laod properly even though the server says its running (back to the failed files loading). Seems to me if they havent got this figured out yet they need to find competent tech guys or just admit it isnt important enough to devote the resources to figuring out right now.