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    What backup should i use? What is the difference between map, server and db backups? I tried earliest backups of map and server from 2 july and it didnt help. Cant get help from support for 3 days.

    I tried to set croosplay and it didnt help. Yes, server is on the list. It happens like this:

    1) Load PrimalGameData_BP.
    2) Go back to server browser and say "Joining ..."
    3) Gives me a connection timeout after a few seconds.

    You mean i should try disable password and connect from my local server with console?

    First, why do i need crossplay when i play only from epic. And second, as i said problem is not with version, because yesterday server version and my was same and i still was unable to connect. Restaretd server like 20 times and tried restore backups and still nothing. And what do u mean not relevant? Version was same for 2 weeks.

    1. Hi. I cant connect to server and my friends also cant for 2 days after last
    2. update. In game it shows that server has version 312.29 and we have 312.27
    3. wich is the latest version avaliable on epic store. Also yesterday version of
    4. server was 312.27 just as my version but i still couldn t connect to it.