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    Unfortunately I can't lodge a new ticket as I have an active ticket that deals with my server extension that has been resolved but the ticket is still active.

    I'm on PS4. How do I reinstall the server? But yes it sounds that this could fix the issue.

    No still same problem.

    The new car wrecks in Chernaris have no usable. parts at all like on the Livonia map.

    Car parts still spawn in garages, this doesn't happen on Livonia.

    The new car wrecks spawn items floating in the air. You get a option to open doors and hoods but there is no animation when you do this.

    It feels like the new wrecks are just new skins for the old wrecks.

    This does not happen on the game's public servers.

    The nitrado server does not have the same gameplay as the normal Dayz public servers.

    Sorry you are right. Update 1.08.

    For example all the new car wrecks that appear on the map, these wrecks have no usable parts, no wheels no doors or hoods can be removed. This is all over the map.

    This does however work on the game's public servers.

    Since the update dropped nobody has even seen a lighter, the .22 rifle or frying pan to name a few. The map have been traveled all over by me and all my friends. For example the ski resort or new area since the update had no loot .

    Lootable items are floating in the air where car wrecks use to be prior to the update.

    I see there is a new smaller update 1.18 that just released as well as I'm typing. Will test the game again.

    The update 1.18 number is according to the ps4 update history of the game

    Hi and thank you for responding.

    The version is v1.08.153251.

    That just doesn't make sense why the server wont have the newest items mentioned in the update 1.17

    There are things/items we can see and use on the public servers that is not available on the Nitrado server.

    Is there something else I must do on my side, maybe change maps?

    Not sure why this is happening.


    The server is not modded and no backup was done. We are playing on PS4.

    From what I've read, an update is required on Nitrado' s side.

    My rented server currently have none of the new content released with update 1.17 for PS4.

    For example. On public servers I can use parts of wrecked cars but not on my rented server. ( same map).

    Can Nitrado please check if update 1.17 was done on the server.

    Hi. Just wondering why I don't see any of the new items on my private server after update1.17.

    For example the frying pans, lighters, .22 rifles...

    The ski lodge had no loot at all.

    I see the new car wrecks but can't use any of the parts on any of them. The whole wreck is unuseable. It's like all the new items are not spawning.

    I have restarted the server a few times already.

    Any help would be great.



    I was able to rent a server for Dayz on PS4.

    I have now battled for 2 weeks to extend my service, load credits or rent a brand new server.

    I keep getting payment errors on Nitrado's website and app.

    Support already whitelisted my one card and I have now tried 3 different other cards as well from different financial institutions with no success. Lodging a ticket did not get me anywhere as feedback from Nitrado is horrible. Paypal is not an option for me.

    Anybody else experiencing the same problem?

    Please help!;(