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    Does anyone have a problem updating the game to the newer version?

    mostly time the update took effect 2-4 hours after the release, but now is like 12h and still showing the old version Patch v312.65, the server has been reset several times in these 12 hours

    Many have already update

    but not nitrado

    so long this time we have to wait? :)


    Without a steam ID I can't be an admin on my own server,

    You no need steam ID to give admin :)

    Its only you that have this short ID? you should get much longer ID like this 35023532523 :)

    I play from epic and ID generated in player control works good

    Or go here

    And check if you can find your id profile there :)


    I have a very annoying problem

    the first is this. Has anyone noticed that not all tame dinosaurs can be seen in the player's or tribe's profile?

    from server when you checking their file profile?

    i have tribe when you can see in-game 70 tamed dino, but in profile files ther is like only 10,

    people also report to me that sometimes some dinosaur will disappear from them, and I have no way to check what happened to them.

    Where I can find a complete list of a player's tamed dino? in database? phpmyadmin?

    and here comes the second problem, on 23.07 i write support message that i dont have access to files in database, when itry to check something i got this info

    On internet I find that you need to go in user tab and give yourself permission, but there is no such tab there

    support is silent

    and I can't help anyone who has lost a dino or check who has what,

    some days ago i ask them to why my server crashed and I got an answer like "I have absolutely no idea why"

    so I asked if they were error game files? maybe it's a mistake on your part? any little information I would ask for will help me to check this,

    but the most important thing now is access to the server database :) what to do in such a situation? :)

    I'm using expertmode :)

    But is easy to edit in GameUserSettings.ini :)


    ou may have the setting where no structures near resource spawns. That is another checkbox in your menu.

    I will disable this to :)


    I think that i cant find this option in expert mode :D

    Hi :)

    Today i trying to expand my base, putting on the ground Wooden Fence Foundation, and before that I had no problems :)

    but now in some places when I click to place it, sound appears, but the building doesn't want to stand up

    you can say that hohoho you have reached the building limit :) but no, this is not this, i have small base :)
    the game has a weird limit when it comes to building, and it can't be close to a lot of items,

    So maybe this option NewMaxStructuresInRange=1300 support these settings?

    or do you know others that I can put on the server? :)

    there are very few players on my server, usually me and my friend so i don't worry about to much bulding and bad fps like on official servers :)

    I searched google but I found posts from 4-5 years ago which explain to little info how to change this :)