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    EDIT: Nitrado employee recommended me to try a separate program called WinSCP and it worked PERFECTLY. After noticing these disconnections in mid transfers been happening for OVER 10 YEARS through reports in FTP related forums, FileZilla will not be my main FTP program anymore. It worked for the most part, but as stated the larger files may disconnect and result into you restarting the upload into a part file titled the same as your upload.


    Hope this finds some people well knowing that this is a common issue with FileZilla, as it would seem. I will create a edit if my ticket is processed and I'm given the gift of knowledge to share with the rest of us.

    Main issue, Nitrado Web interface cannot upload files that are of considerable size. You HAVE to use a separate program like FileZilla to directly connect to your Nitrado server to upload larger files to effectively mod your world. As of now, after doing a lot of web surfing through forums about FTP connections, it is clear that I (and you, possibly) may be well over our heads in effectively understanding how to deal with this.

    In layman terms, if you see the attached image I've provided, the problem is that FileZilla is cutting my connection during a larger file upload and when it reconnects, the previously uploaded information is saved into the Nitrado folders as a whole and prompts me to "replace already existing file?" then restarts the upload, going into full circle. These "cuts" occur randomly as far as I can tell and have gone as far as 15minutes without interruption while others have gone only 2minutes. I have directly connected my computer using a fresh CAT5 cable to my POE with all firewalls down (oh so scary) and I had a higher upload speed, but no progress to resolving the issue.

    I've done FTP diagnostics and my only issue is that I cannot do IPv6 connection types, which am unaware if that matters. Please feel free to leave a message if you have any suggestions and I will reply asap and thank you in advance for taking your time. Hopefully you've had better luck than me.


    I've rented servers in the past and I'm capable of troubleshooting so here's my case,
    I cannot connect to my newly bought server for Valheim. Observing the activity, it's in a loop that seems to fail to load every time.
    At first I thought it was my lack of knowledge to connect to it so I did everything I could through others experiences and watching the tut' video. Nothing worked and cannot connect, something is wrong and I need help :/

    Quick edit: Please note that after it has done several automatic resets, it shuts down. Waiting for me to manually activate it again.

    I am trying to add deinonychus to a The Center map using expert settings. What am I doing wrong?


    I flew around to confirm spawns in my Redwood biome but the Deinonychus is not appearing. Please disregard the amount I'm spawning in, I just have it that high for testing to see if these creatures will naturally spawn. Which they do! ...mostly. X/

    Did, nothing's there. Closest to what I'm looking for is a link to a very useful site that does auto codding but it only replaces dinos from the server, rather than a user friendly tool that allows you to enter in map locations and dinos, including spawn rates. I cant find this anywhere so I've been taking a lot of time testing spawn values in places with low to high amounts of spawn nodes with different values to understand what I need to be manually punching in. It's just unfortunate how long this takes because there are many variables to deal with and a tool would be excellent

    lol Sounds like you had a crappy time! Since you're on an unofficial server, literally anything can happen as long it doesn't break official EULA rules. I get that you are upset but that's the price you have to pay sometimes when you join unofficial servers.

    I have found a couple places that offer tools to edit the loot drops and replace dinos but I can't find a tool to auto-generate the code to add dinos to specific areas on a selected map. If anyone knows of a link that offers this service, I would be most grateful! :)

    the Subject is self explanatory, I play on The Center and it rains WAY too much. I looked up online for a way to change this in the expert settings but I'm bombarded with plebs spamming help tickets for things unrelated to expert settings. If anyone knows how I can change the occurrence of rain storms or anything, I am most interested in learning. My server has gotten fairly advanced lately due to the research I've done this past month. It just keeps getting better! Thank you in advance for your time!:)


    I currently have these settings enabled in my web interface, game.ini





    Although, my baby direwolf is set to 3.5hrs+ for the next cuddle. I switched my cuddleinterval setting from 0.01 to 0.2 to see if my cuddle setting was too steep and I also made it 2.0 but it isn't applying a change for some reason. If anyone knows a way to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it. Please understand in advance that I am not a master when it comes to extracting information if you request it form me, though I will try my best. :)