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    I was building a boat and put on one of the sides of it and when back to my house my house was gone all my tames were gone I could not do anything I coudlnt take dmg harvest or drowned I stuck I logged out many times and still nothing. I had to destroy the boat and boat dock. Then I had to swing my axe over and over to loose stamina and then die it fixed the problem but I lost everything in my inventory. DONT BE TO CLOSE TO THE BOATS WHEN YOUR BUILDING THEM.:rolleyes:

    do I have to download some zip files and map out the islands on the server or something? do i need to have more then one server to have all the islands. If i just get one server will it only be the freeports or is there other island that come iwth it and if so how many islands. becuase you cant claim LAND you claim islands now and if you claim islands and there is only four islands to claim then what will the other players get to claim.

    It seems like you promised us this at launch then we find out you have to have a Xbox specific server and then enable crosspaly so we Xbox users don't have the ability's to use mod's, this makes no since there are several Xbox games that allow mods. Now I know your going to say you don't support mods but I as an Xbox and snail programmer that it is possible and the fact that NITRADO has been in partners with them for several yeas now and did in fact come up with the server grid and seamless servers for the game. I cant beave you have nothing to do with it just make the pc servers crossplay as was promised be in the first place. and NITRADO has there hands in the mod program for ARK and ATLAS just fix it the way it should be and make it a true crossplay game!

    Well look at ark its cross play with pc and no mods for it xbox might be "like" a pc but you cant download thrid party programs AKA mods on it its the way it was made only way for mods to work is what ARK is doing with S+ reprogram the game to work with it Which takes time. Also you should be used to NOT getting EVERYTHING games say there gona give at Launch not to metion this isn't the Launch of the game this is BETA so ya they have time before the REAL Launch There is bugs and the game is fully finished that's the hole point of beta. ARK was horbile when it first came out just needs time.

    Cant see Wyverns and there is no ICE wyvern eggs, just a glowing box that you pick up and it goes away. Only Two fire wyvern eggs spawn FEW FAR BETTWEEN and only when you grab an egg do you see a fire wyvern. ALSO THE BROODMOTHER is invisible. Any ideas why?:?::?::?::?::?::/

    Thought I fixed it but I haven't I have been waiting for ticket response for a few days now do they look at tickets on the weekends? also Rondeau04 I don't understand how to reinstall the server?

    no not deleting the code. You do an actual reinstall of your server then use a backup to bring it back to where you had it. Just be aware to check the back up times they can be hours behind the latest version