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    it was apparently a memory leak issue the server is back up and working now

    if you haven't been able to connect with support any other way, I would suggest giving them a call, let them know what you have tried and they will suggest a fix, the guy I spoke with was very quick, I didn't lose the 2 months worth of server progress.

    still nothing, got someone to answer the phone, and was told restoring a back up would fix it, which Ive already done, he done it also. still nothing, server has been down 12+ hours now with no sign of when someone will be around to fix it.....

    same issue I am having, hasn't been 3 days for me tho…. yet. renewed my server, and since then cant get it to come back online

    just noticed this was for a different game then mine, but that is good to know that its def not a game issue and seems to be a nitrado issue.

    took server down this morning, to extend the server and decided to reduce the players allowed by 4, I also purchased a new server and set up a cluster for them.

    after doing this I have been unable to get the server back online this was probably 5 hours ago, I have backed up the server, I have left it in stopped state for awhile, left it in the trying to start state for awhile.

    I have submitted a ticket 4 hours ago, and have tried to call the service number (I guess they aren't open on the weekend) bc I got the same recording telling me to call back.

    anyone have any clue what I could do?