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    If you already contacted Support, feel free to respond to your ticket and let them know you are still having issues. It is what they are there for, to help you.

    Here is some additional info in the Wiki that may or may not assist:

    We have no access to servers or accounts here. This is a Community Support Forum for the members not official Nitrado Support.

    Hey DOAGEN, appreciate the feedback.

    I have responded back to the Nitrado support ticket, but I think that support availability is a 12h difference from the US... there initial response was the same as yours that wiki link.

    So I purchase a server in the afternoon, and then submit a ticket for support and they respond back in the evening...

    I respond to their response the next day and then have to wait until that night to get feedback, and i bet you can see how this loop works.

    It brings us here me having posted back to support, and while I wait for them to respond tonight, looking to get help from the community which looks like we do through DM's.

    So to sum up, yep have posted and responded to a Nitrado support ticket multiple times.

    Hey is anybody else getting this message when they attempt to login to Nitraod (I click login and get this):

    1. {"status":"error","message":"No state provided. Please read the API documentation before proceeding."}

    Trying to login to Nitrado so that I can get to the web interface of my V Rising server.


    Same, XBOX Console. Killed and Harvested a Dino and the Argie created stacks of 1 for all meat and Hide, it transferred to my inventory the same way.

    I did not change any settings between pre-update & post-update...

    for the 10 minutes at a time I was able to login on Saturday I had no stacking issues.

    in the "Stack Size Multiplier" field is has ItemStackSizeMultiplier=1 instead of just a number. That seems odd.

    Based on @notdollie ARK community agent, I believe there is a client side console update required that can not be approved until Monday, so... you know, enjoy a weekend of 10 minute sessions of ARK, or like me play Conan Exiles w/ your friends because you just went to Gamestop and cleaned out their pre-owned stock, and then dropped it off at your RLF houses.

    Amazon has next day delivery of Conan Exiles for $19.99

    Good Luck, I will look forward to a more stable ARK next week.

    Xbox Console client I drop pretty consistency after 10 minutes. I have restarted the server, I have restored a backup that was pre-update.

    The dinos often lose there texture during play and become a very block render... ever see a Raptor w/o its scales & feathers, not pretty.

    I have read the Wildcard letter, and I go tthe feeling that others were playing just w/o abberation dinos, although I dont know how it would be playable if they are having the same experience as me.

    I understand that there is a update that will be needed for console clients, is this 10 minute drop the expected experience until that update?

    If there are any setting on the Nitrado Server that I can adjust to fix the console client drop issue please let me know, appreciate the help.