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    My server has been having some trouble recently. Some days, everyone connects

    first try all day long, some days 2-3 people load fine but 2-3 people take a

    couple of tries to connect. Performance is stable according to the dashboard.

    I rebooted the server twice, closed my client a bunch of times, reinstalled the

    game, rebooted my system, and it still took like 5 tries before I was actually

    able to join, only to be denied on further attempts.

    Could it possibly be an issue with this specific VM or whatever the server is

    running on?

    Is it possible to change to a new host machine with a new IP? Hopefully it

    might solve some problems.
    I have verified that I've typed it in properly.
    I have submitted a ticket to support, I'm also posting here in case others have a similar problem, or if somebody else has a possible solution.