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    DANG IT!!! Totally forgot about that...

    Well adding mods and settings back. We were able to finally connect via direct connect. But it still would not show up on favorites which is totally weird.

    thanks again for all the help!!


    Good call on the CI download I needed to do that piece of it.

    Workshop, I had uninstalled all mods previously because I uninstalled ARK. But the server does not even show up for anyone that is trying to find the server. A friend had played it on single player without issues yesterday. I still have added no mods and ram is at 5k which still seems odd to me. At least when I previously had servers running ARK here that was a sign something was wrong maybe things have changed.

    So we cannot find the server via name in ark server list, cannot direct connect to it, and when I add IP to STEAM servers says server not responding.

    I do appreciate your help in at least narrowing down things.

    Thanks again.


    So did the reinstall, no mods added and the server is showing 3k memory usage. No MOD 10. Changed map to Crystal Islands and restarting. CPU usage was spiked as well.

    Still cannot connect to the server.

    Starting to get a bit frustrated.

    I appreciate your advise.

    I did reinstall once already. Will try that again and see if it is an issue.

    Removing all the mods I thought it would work unless it was the MOD 10 issue.


    Thanks for the reply. Trying to find the MOD 10 thread but it doesn't seem to be installing on my server. It says it will install on next server start and this can delay the server start. So it seems this maybe the issue. I had opened a ticket. I just removed all the other mods and restarted and still having the high memory.


    Hi All,

    Had servers previously but stepped away from game. So I am familiar with running a server.

    Setup server with settings and MODs. Server rebooted several times as it installed all the MODs which is normal. Now the server seems to be using high memory and just stuck, not showing on STEAM server list or directly in ARK game. Previously when I saw high memory usage it was cause by a MOD. When I went back to the MOD list there is an unknown MOD 10. I deleted all the MODs and saved and still the MOD 10 shows on list. Tried to reinstall game, MOD 10 still shows up.

    Anyone else have this issue?