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    We play on a cross-play enabled Nitrado server. We have both PC and Xbox users.

    We are looking to add a cluster for Scorched, but we have some concerns about not being able to use a password.

    as an alternative:

    1: Can we upload ourselves, select a new map, and play there, and then later on upload back to our original Island map with our save game intact (ie: Dino's &structures preserved)? One map at a time, not contemporaneous. we understand we would need a cluster for that.

    2: Is there any way to set up a cluster that doesn't fundamentally compromise our privacy, and put our legally purchased product in jeopardy!?

    3: On your forum I've read a response that stated: The one way to preserve the save state of the island was to upload dino's you want to transfer to the Obelisk, but do not upload yourself. Simply close down the map, and select the new map you want to play on, and then load back in with your existing character, and then rinse and repeat when you want to return. Is this true, and does it preserve your save game?

    We need clarification, as there is a lot of conflicting information on both, your forums, and on WC's forums. None of which is explicitly clear for WIN10 and Xbox cross play.

    Kind regards,

    Grumpy old man

    I'm having the same issue, I got updates for Scorched Earth & Extinction, but nothing for the base game. Now nothing but 5 [US] servers showing up on the server list. WTF is going on!?