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    I have a problem with the update of the server. We have steam and epic players. I tried to reinstall the server. It remains at 327.8 instead of 327.19. What should I do? Or when Nitrado will update my server also?

    Instead of cryopods with dinos you should try just dinos directly. Did that, no lvl change.

    1. - Yes. You also could upload dino if you wanna keep or some of the resources.

    2. - Yes to dino thing. Yes you can switch back to The Island as long as you keep the last save from The Island map outside of the server (like connect to the server with ftp filezilla save the map on your pc, then re-upload it).

    If your friends didn't upload the characters but you saved the map, everything will be there like nothing happend.

    Ive noticed i am unable to do a server check. When i go to the category in the web ui the button is just not there for me to perform the check. Is there any way for me to fix this. Also in case i matters im using expert settings.

    When you are pressing Server chech from your Web interface and there are no misconfigurations and errors you'll see nothing.









    Everything is faster.

    e.g. they mate faster, lay eggs faster, eggs hatch faster, stats gained by imprinting are higher, less penalty if you miss an imprint or don't get 100% etc