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    It looks like mine is being worked on, although it looks like they are just uninstalling/reinstalling and hopefully restoring a backup from what I am seeing. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Did not think it would be that simple, considering it showed everything running properly on the server, although its now at a new IP/port, so possibly an issue with the range being used.

    I am having the same exact issue.

    I did nothing to my server after I logged off at midnight last night, then this morning its showing as Conan externally. The IP and port are correct, but its showing as the wrong game. Even on my "services" page is shows as conan, but if I drill into the server dashboard it shows its running ARK, except the map on the left is an exile map.

    I went to the option to "Change game" but it shows as ARK being currently installed. Something is broadcasting from these ports incorrectly.

    I opened support report #10776004 for this issue.