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    I have the same issue. Weekly update kills the server off for a day or two. Dashboard reports server status as "Restarting". The best advice available is to force stop, wait 10 minutes, then restart. This will not help until the update is completely finished. As an example: In my case, the server stops when I force stop. But it resumes being stuck in "Restarting" status when I start the server again.

    If forced to guess at gunpoint, I would guess that the hardware in the server is set up incorrectly, such as low RAM, and is hitting virtual memory. Combine such an error with the worst possible virtual memory, spinny hard drives, and it could easily take all day to update all the virtual servers on a large inferior server box. Could happen.

    During this artificially lengthy update period, attempting to start an individual virtual server that was partially updated would lead to your start command being intercepted and ignored while the update runs.

    That said, if your server stays in "restarting" mode for over 10 minutes, I would suggest you force stop, wait another 10 minutes, then try starting the server again. This won't hurt anything, since your server wasn't really restarting. And it might help, since the update could have finished and if so the start command would actually work.

    After 3 days of research and successfully getting dedicated servers to work everywhere else but Nitrado, I parsed the logs and discovered that Nitrado scripts are editing the config file and introducing fatal errors, such as null values in required fields and time limits so low as to cause the server to time out before human interaction is possible.

    I can't figure out how to get Nitrado to run a known good configuration file without running the script to introduce errors. Technical support never responded to my ticket. I would assume, under the circumstances, that there are zero Nitrado-hosted Empyrion servers that actually work. It is impossible unless there is some way to bypass the configuration editing script.

    I am confident that I will never get the server to work, due to the configuration edits induced by Nitrado. I am reversing the charges. It's only $6, but the reversed charge will cost Nitrado $35 to process. Hate to do it, but they failed me badly.

    Since the data in this game is handled in SQL you might consider taking the dashes out of the server name.

    It's possible they had a good SQL programmer who made the server name a variable so as to avoid the issue of injection hacks and occasional weirdness due to punctuation like dashes. So the question is whether the Ark programmers really know SQL. (I doubt it.) Anyway, punctuation in general is a possible risk of random glitches.

    To add an admin, get the admin's Steam64 ID and add it to the config file, as follows.

    Get the new admin's Steam64 ID:

    - In Steam, go to your Friend list in the dropdown from the menu labeled with your Steam name. Click on your friend and copy his Steam name from the header of his page

    - Go to lookup - STEAMID I/O and paste your friend's name into the search box and select Input

    - Copy the entire number from the steamID64 line of the report

    Add your friend to your server as Admin in the config file:

    - Go to the server dashboard

    - Locate settings in the right-side menu and select it

    - Locate the Export button near the bottom of the settings screen and select it

    - Most browsers will show the downloaded file in the bottom of the browser window. Locate the downloaded file and open it with Notepad++ or similar.

    - At the bottom of the file, add exactly, including all quotes ,"Id":"76561197982484069","Permission":"2" Change the long number after "Id":" to your friends Steam64 ID by pasting it.

    ---> This is a CSV (Comma-Separated Variable) file. You must use the comma before your additions to the file, as shown in the example.

    - Save this file using a name you can find later, such as AdminAdded

    - Back on your server settings screen in Nitrado's website, click the Import button at lower right

    - Select the file you named AdminAdded or whatever you chose, and select Open in the file selection window.

    ---> You may need to re-load this config file when Nitrado changes anything on their servers, such as applying a patch. Be alert for settings reverting under those circumstances.

    That should do it. Best of luck to you.

    Not an expert, but having run through the tutorial I believe it relies on objects placed in the tutorial planet. This would break the tutorial on a default planet that does not have the required items and scripts.

    I don't think it's much of a spoiler to reveal that the tutorial introduces a combat scenario and location that is not available on a random planet. It's too easy for a random planet, although it won't seem easy to you while you're figuring out how to shoot an so forth!

    I am having the same problem.

    Log says

    25-20:29:54.141 16_29 -LOG- Player CId=2, EId=-1, 76561198027831904/=/'Bif' chose 'Sudrystelerit' as start planet

    25-20:29:54.141 16_29 -LOG- Player CId=2, EId=-1, 76561198027831904/=/'Bif' connecting now to playfield 'Sudrystelerit'

    25-20:29:54.141 16_29 -LOG- No server with playfield Sudrystelerit available at the moment, will try loading soon...

    25-20:29:54.141 16_29 -LOG- Requesting pf server with PID 12504 to load playfield Sudrystelerit

    25-20:30:00.376 16_30 -LOG- Started process 'EmpyrionPlayfieldServer.exe' (PID 11832) with args: -batchmode -nographics -logFile ../Logs/2956/Playfield_200625-163000-16.log

    25-20:30:09.228 16_30 -LOG- New playfield server

    25-20:30:09.228 16_30 -LOG- Thread 'Reader_127.0.0.1:63986' ThreadId=7704 ManagedId=41

    25-20:30:09.228 16_30 -LOG- Thread 'Writer_127.0.0.1:63986' ThreadId=9212 ManagedId=42

    25-20:30:14.161 16_30 -WRN- Killing pf server (PID 12504) that timed out while loading playfield 'Sudrystelerit' (fail count: 3)

    25-20:30:14.161 16_30 -LOG- Killed process with PID 12504

    25-20:30:14.175 16_30 -LOG- Connection closed while reading (Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.


    25-20:30:14.186 16_30 -LOG- PfServer (PID 12504) disconnected, no playfield loaded

    25-20:30:14.186 16_30 -WRN- Removing client id 2 from connect waiting list because target playfield Sudrystelerit is corrupted

    I have reinstalled the server and restarted the server several times. I have researched this for hours and tried every available solution, such as disabling EAC. Nothing works. Coming to the conclusion that the server hardware is defective.

    Tell me I'm wrong, I'd love to have this work. I paid for it, and all it did was wasted hours of my time on nitpicky boring setup, none of which was any use. I think Nitrado might be the problem.