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    I am unable to connect to my server that I just rented today. I keep getting the same error and I am having a hard time fixing it, so any help would awesome.

    Server Epoch Altis 1.3.2. No other mods or addons.

    Error : Verifying PBO failed: @Epoch\addons\a3_epoch_configs.pbo

    I was going to rent a server for the Arma 2 Epcoh but I noticed that the files may not be up to date. It is showing when the files have been updated to 1.0.7.

    Now I am wondering if the data base is going to be updated or is it because it is thought to be a dead game and its not going to be updated?

    I have an issue to where I have it all set up but when I try to join my server I get half way thru and it just stops. As Jaeger90Patriot said I think the webinterface resets the mission from Expansion Cherno back to the Offline Cherno. And I also noticed if you try to run the Gloom mission and set your lighting to 2 like the installation says, that also resets back to 1.

    Now I have put in a support ticket for this and was told " If the mod can be implemented by normal means, then you should be able to use it by uploading the file and altering the proper values. If it is a total conversion mod it may not work. ".

    As said before by Jaeger90Patriot the web interface is interfering with the whole process.