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    I think this might be more of an Epic issue than Nitrados.

    I've worked around it; to do so disable your password from the server if you have one, load a single player game and use the open command.

    open ipaddr:port

    I still have the time out error doing this .. I will wait tomorrow maybe it will work better

    Ok ! Thank you DOAGEN :) And just a last question : do you know (approximatively) how many time it take ? Like 2-3 hours and I can play tonight or more than 1 day and I can go to sleep early and play tomorrow ? :D

    Hey ! Since the summer bash I don't see anymore my server nitrago in the game ... It was working perfect this morning ... Do I have to do something on the server for the summer bash ? Like reinstall the game or something like that ?

    I bought a server 1 week ago. I had no problem i player 1 week without problem. And since tonight, I can't stay connected for more than 5 minutes without getting ejected. I paid for the higher RAM version but nothing changes I get ejected every 5-10 minutes. Here is the error message in the logs.