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    Right ok that makes sense. Ideally we are wanting to be able to transfer element between servers and as you can not transfer element in its full form you can transfer dust. So if it is possible to break element back down to its dust form then it will become transferable with a few additional steps.

    So I am having some issues regarding changing my Nitrado game.ini files for my cluster. I am trying to either find a BP the will convert Element into Element dust or find some sort of Engram to do the same thing. Please help me this has been doing my head in for the past few days. Thanks


    I am pretty new to setting up codes for the .ini files for my server. I have managed to change a lot but in the logs I keep getting "ImportText (LevelExperienceRampOverrides): Missing opening parenthesis:". So my question is where do I enter the open and closed parenthesis? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.