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    I am currently struggling to fix flyer speed on my xbox one ark servers. Here is the code I put to try and change it, ive tried many things but all have failed. Heres my current attempt!



    I understand that the [9] represents the stat so 9 is speed if i'm not wrong and then the =9 is the multiplier. Flyer speed is still at 100%. Help me please! :S

    Is it possible to get a ark server removed or something for this? This happened to me and my tribe.

    The admin broke all of our front defences (I’ll say why In a sec) resulting in someone nearly wiping us. The admin broke our front defences because we need behemoth gates infront of our base/front defences because otherwise people will be shot by them when passing by, but when we were offline someone broke the gates in a attempted raid then the admin came along and destroyed our defences because we didn’t have gates up. Someone then also tried to raid us again.

    He then issued us warnings when saying “stop it” when there was atleast 5-6 other people actively speaking in chat. Every time we said something in chat he said “first warning” and so on us not knowing who he is taking too, he then banned us after the third warning. It turned out he banned us for asking him to replace the defences and us telling him that someone broke the gates when we were offline. he then told us to show him tribe log when we was banned which he then told us “to find a way around it”.

    And then he claimed that we never had the gates up in the first place so then he was entitled to destroy our things. Also he then TANKED all of our heavy/tek turrets in god mode when breaking our front defences even though our Front defences aren’t in reach of the heavy/tek turrets. Also when destroying our front defences he didn’t even check our tribe log to see if our behemoth gates where destroyed by someone. He did all this in GCM/CREATIVE MODE with a admin gun and the command “destroy my target”.