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    Résoudre le problème a été facile selon toi? Tu en as de la,je galère encore,limite,perdre juste mon stock,tant pis,mais que je puisse au moins jouer............La,ce n est pas le tout comme toi,je regrette déjà d avoir payé un serveur pour simplement accumuler des problemes.

    Solving the problem was easy in your opinion? You are lucky.......... I’m still struggling, borderline, just losing my stock, too bad, but that I can at least play......... La,ce n'est pas le cas.........and like you, I already regret having paid a waiter to simply accumulate problems.

    jrebs If the above does not help you, please contact Nitrado Support. (or anyone else that the suggested method is not working)

    Link: Support |

    thank you.

    i have had non stop problems out of this server and never once a fix offered. i have to do all the leg work myself while the pc version has servers for 50% the cost of these and phenominal support. idk wtf anybody even has a console anymore because they are a monopolized market that no support ever takes care of.

    how do i restore your server from my pc? i assume i put my svae file somewhere but not sure where that is

    fixing the stack issue was easy the problem is all my shit is still gone. thats what needs to be fixed. if a resolution is not offered i will no longer be renting a server due to the fact you give just as little as wildcard about your consumers.

    Hello legitxsniper

    The mods do not have access to your account on servers on the forums. Refunds must be done through support . I do apologize for any inconvenience this does cause.

    thanks for the info

    Just a correction on Rondeau's response.

    XBOX refunds need to be requested through Microsoft Support. There is absolutely nothing Nitrado can do as XBOX purchases go through Microsoft's payment gateway.

    i meant for the server. i know you cant refund something from microsoft

    i would like to request a refund if possible. otherwise just state my opinion. ark is absolutely screwing any pc player. an update just came out so i have no access to my own server i pay for until this releases for pc. also have had nothing but problems out of my server since i made it. this whole game has become a joke since release and mods dont care 1 bit. if you take anything from this post it would be to not spend money on ark in any form. instead find another game hosted by nitrado and enjoy. because ark has become a waste of money.

    Does it appear up in the WebUI of your server?

    If so, did you check your filters in searching?

    Is the server set up for CrossARK (not crossplay) and you have a password?

    If you checked the webUI, using correct filters, no CA with password: if a new server try a new install.

    Note a new install will wipe existing backups if you had any.

    i ended up having to restart the server before it would show up. not sure why but i did get it figured out. maybe this will help someone else having the same issue

    If the response isn't topic related it will be removed per forum rules. The response was about a different game all together

    Also I cannot speak for issues with non dedicated servers as I dont know why you aren't able to play on player hosted servers. Our servers are hosted and ran on our own hardware. If errors do arise they will get worked through. Some can be solved via the forums regarding user related errors if they requires support then support will take over on that end.

    The issues you refer to could be related to a number of things and without seeing the actual server Information you're trying to connect to I cant give an answer on that part.

    wow i see why you removed it now lol, i just dont want to pay for a server and end up spending half the time i paid for trying to fix it. but i guess ill just have to wing it based on this info and hope for the best.

    okay i have the windows 10 app. just wanted to make sure this would solve my problem before i purchase. i cant seem to play non dedicated maps at all. im on the pc with windows 10 version from microsoft store

    and pls do not remove responses before i can read them atleast. not sure if that contained useful info or not since i never got to see it but your post does not answer my question.

    im trying to crossplay pc/xbox and having issues playing from pc with xbox friends such ass "failed to join" and "unable to obtain address" on non dedicated servers. normal servers work fine. i wanted to know fs that renting a server will fix this issue before i purchase one or if a refund is available if not. really hoping to get the game going since it cost me over 50$ to buy another version of ark/gold membership (which is not required for any other crossplay game ive tried so far) just to do crossplay