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    I’m sooty I wasn’t clear I play on ps5 but I use my phone to make changes to my server via the Nitrado app. I can change the Dino count. But what I’m mainly trying to get is better loot weapons and armor.

    I have a Nitrado server and I use the app on my phone to make changes on the server. I’ve never put in any codes not sure where to even start with that’s. But thanks for the info

    Hey everyone I am a Ark evolved player with my own sever. Currently playing on Ragnarok,on PS5. My question is it is very difficult to find alpha raptors and other alphas to get upgraded gear. Is there any way to increase that. Or any other ways to get better weapons and gear. I’ve tried finding loot crate with no luck. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    I have rented a server for about two weeks now and I am not finding any high-level Dino’s I have searched my settings on my server and don’t see anything there I tried to call the customer helpline and didn’t get any kind of person to talk to can anyone help me with why am not finding any high-level Dino’s and when I can do to change that