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    Yes. I've probably reset the server 5-10 times by now trying to troubleshoot. I even just now changed the password, saved, and then restarted the server. Still no prompt for password or lock icon near the server name. I have to be missing something.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    After looking at it, I do have a server password set but I have to uncheck the "Show Password Protected" checkbox to see the server. It also doesn't ask for the password that was set. Is there something else I need to enable?


    I just recently rented one of your servers. I changed the name, added a password, enabled crossplay, and then reset the server. It starts up fine, and the logs agree with that.

    The problem is that my server is version 799.18 and my client version is 799.20. How do I get my server updated to the correct version? I am currently unable to connect/see my server on both XBox and MS Store versions of the game. I did call the support number and the support person stopped my server and told me to restart it in 30 min. I followed directions and nothing changed.

    I would really like to get this up and running. I would think that all new servers set up would be up to date.