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    Just checking to see if others can check their server settings...

    My server isn't able to retain any custom settings.

    Mainly the Web Interface fails to apply said updates. When the config .json file is updated and imported it does apply, but then resets whenever the server restarts.

    Applying the same settings in the admin console using the gopt command has the best success rate so far of applying the settings, but just like the .json file it to also resets to default when the server resets.

    Can other server admins check?

    If its happened and you know of a fix can you update please? I've attempted to reach out to support via tickets and have not gotten any substantial help. (claiming its nothing on their end, saying nothing is found out of the ordinary, etc)



    I think the "useless" phrase was not about staff, but rather about the phone call, cause it (the call) didn't help him with the server. At least I took it this way.

    Thank you Kondiq . There wasn't a warning or anything given. Sometimes frustration can get the best of us. Just wanted to mention if it got to that point.

    I know this isn't the ideal situation on a server being updated. I hope it does get taken care of soon. The last thing I want to see is you all unhappy or frustrated with the service.

    I'm actually rather upset about this.. Nothing was said against anyone, frustration or otherwise.. since we get censored.. How does one go about filing complaints for situations like this, and actually get taken seriously?

    Over the past two days my service has been unplayable for over 12 hours.. 6 of those due to a customer service problem.. Instead of fixing the issue they just closed my ticket..

    So, as a moderator, moderating.. Where do I go to air my grievances where it wont get ignored or erased?

    3 DAYS!!!!????? They should make a note on their sales page about this! Did I miss any fine print?

    Will we get 3 free days extension then? And everyone is OK with this?

    If they act as they do with the unfortunate professionalism thus far, I will very much doubt that they will return the money from the unused server at this time.

    I got off the phone with the US support a bit ago.. ,pretty useless. however they did say they would reimburse the missing play time once its corrected.

    I've had the same issue and can confirm the fix the other user posted.

    "If that doesn't work, download the file by clicking download, then edit it locally, then upload and over-write the old file." natpoho

    Trying to make any changes and save in the web interface fails. You have to export the .json file, edit it using notepad or something similar, then upload. Once its uploaded all those changes stick.

    As usual the nitrado service sucks and didn't help at all, took trial and error.

    Hopefully this helps!