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    It is possible for us to update manually by uploading all of the files that were updated by the steam client.(using ftp or file manager) There is a dedicated server folder in the game directory. We could back up the files by downloading from the server, then we could upload all the files that were updated over-writing the old files. In theory this would work but it would be a fair bit of work and I've not tested to see if it works.

    I already checked and the same files that are on the dedicated server exist also in the dedicated server folder of the game client. It is simply a matter of finding the files that were last modified on the date and time that you updated your game client via steam.

    Try this at your own risk. As I mentioned it SHOULD work, in theory but I have not tested it.

    Thank you for taking the time to mention this. Nitrado should have taken the few minutes it takes to post something like this. Thankfully we have a user like you who is willing to pass on the info!

    I was having this issue also. I edited the options using the link in the dashboard called "Config Files". Edit the files in that window and click save. If that doesn't work, download the file by clicking download, then edit it locally, then upload and over-write the old file. Hope this helps.

    I am also waiting for my server to update. No options on the dashboard to update yourself, nothing from Nitrado about when an update might be expected. And these Mods here on the forums are simply here to pat us on the back and say "there there" while nothing is done to help us.

    Yes I know that these forums are community support, but Nitrado ticket support is slower than any I've ever seen and I refuse to pay charges for phone support. This company is horrible I wish I had never rented a server here and will tell all my friends to avoid this company.

    Too bad, the server actually runs nice... on the rare occasion it is running.

    I had the same issue but after many attempts to restart the server I discovered that the server was not fully loaded when trying to log in. The dashboard will say "Server Started" but in fact it has not fully loaded yet. After starting the server, refresh your dashboard window every few minutes. After some time, once the server is ACTUALLY loaded, you will see a user counter and the server's game version pop up on the dashboard. Once the dashboard is showing both a user counter AND the version number, the server is ACTUALLY stated and you can connect. I find it very bad form that Nitrado does not have some message on the dashboard to tell you this but I guess they don't care much. Also you need to make sure that you have EAC activated on the server configuration, and also on the game client of each user tying to connect.

    Hope this helps you as Nitrado doesn't seem to care enough to respond to these threads and give you the info. :(