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    Can you add them to the mods field on the "General" settings tab and put the number on each line and save and reboot. If this doesn't work you will be required to upload them manually to your server Via FTP.

    I have tried it on the PC and on the app but both say that i need to do the purchase on the Xbox. Is there another way for me to do this or are my servers going to go down when they run out of time?

    Open up the Store on your Windows 10 Device and download our Nitrado app from there, make sure you're logged out temporarily on Xbox during this to allow the download to download to your PC rather than your Xbox and extend your services through our Microsoft store app on your Windows 10 PC, this is a temporary workaround until our engineers resolve the issue alongside Microsoft. As this issue seems to be exclusive to Xbox Ones.

    Hello Flodge,

    Thank you for the feedback! We'll look into this to see what could be causing this. In the meantime, if you do any slot changes for example, make sure to stop your server first, let it save for around 5 minutes so the data can be synced and then do the change and it'll not lose the data.

    To add on to JagOsaurus' message, Override Official Difficulty stays in the General settings tab despite expert mode being activated, so double check there as it'll always revert your .ini change in expert settings to the one set in the general settings.

    If you mean how many days have gone by in the game it is not possible without setting a permanent day time. Only other option is to wipe the server clean back to day 1, but then the days will start ticking up again.

    Hello Jani,

    Make sure you write developermodeon on the title screen, and that your Cheats option is active in your game settings in the settings menu on the title screen.

    Then once this is done, Press F1 and it will toggle the console to display then you can write in the different commands/cheats that you would like.