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    Hey everyone! The thread is about the game: Left 4 dead 2

    I started using nitrado a few days ago. I wanted to play while being able to kick/ ban teamkillers, have fun admin commands like, teleport, revive, respawn, spawn zombies etc.

    I already have SM/ MM installed and working correctly but they just don't give me the full admin command experience that i would like to have.

    Is there anyone able to help me out with this? i have been trying it for about 2 full days now.. but i can't get other addon's etc to work..

    Thanks already! and i can't wait to get your help :)

    When i click connect when i entered my server, with the HLSW tool, it said: Can't excecute steam.exe.. gotta set the right game directory.. which i did..

    still not working. Do u know why?`

    Edit; Ingame command line meta works, sm doesn't.

    Hello there, i recently started renting the server on nitrado for left 4 dead 2.

    When i went to addons, it said: sourcemod + Metamod followed by an install button.

    So i went and clicked the install button, restarted the server, and played the game.

    But sadly there was nothing there.... sm_admin command didn't work....

    What i actually want is: when i am in a game, on the server i rent, i want to be able to kick people, teleport people, ban people etc via commands... because of all the teamkillers..

    Can anyone help me out with this? (I am new to servers, but i am an IT student so it shouldn't be too hard following your instructions)

    Thanks already :)