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    I've got an open support ticket with Nitrado about this. They sent an email saying the admin tool for BF2 is called BF2CC, I've downloaded it and tried connecting to the server but I get the error saying it's unable to connect. I have sent an email back about it but I haven't got a reply from them for about a week now, so I was wondering if anyone here has knowledge on BF2CC and could help me with it?


    I was wondering if it's possible to get this tool on the server? It would really make running admin commands a lot easier as you can download a thing called BF Remote Manager on the client computer and connect it to the BF Server Manager on the server and then change all the settings, view players, etc, from there.

    I've attached a .pdf explaining what BF Server Manager is. I've also sent in an email a few days ago enquiring about it.


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