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    I have a 16 slot server, but I would like to reduce MaxPlayers to 10, without reducing my contract.

    Changing the .ini file does not work because MaxPlayers is set as a startup parameter.

    Could Nitrado support adjust MaxPlayers if I report a ticket?

    I was able to resolve the issue by following the steps below:

    1. Stopped the server.

    2. Reset Stack Size Multiplier to correct value (in my case 5.0)

    3. Restored a backup prior to 312.14 patch (I restored a backup from around Jun-30, 8:00am UTC).

    Everything back to normal (stacking limits and stacks of items in storages).

    This can't be serious...

    How does a server hosting company release a patch to all his customer's tenants without testing first?

    How hard would it be to perform a test release in a few servers first? Isn't it standard procedure for any reputable operations team?

    What about our SLAs? Almost 15 hours of downtime and counting, for a service with a monthly billing?

    This is my first week at Nitrado. I was considering to upgrade my server capacity. Now I am considering to open a dispute with paypal to have my money back.


    Is there a way to change the limit of players to a lower number than the rented server's slot limit?

    My scenario is the following:

    I want to keep my PVE server open to anyone, but I have a few players in the white-list (they are helping me to pay for the server, so I want them to always be able to join).

    The problem is the way white-listing works in Ark. Even when the server is full (16/16) white-listed players are able to join, but no one is kicked out, thus exceeding the contractual server capacity.

    I imagine two solutions for that:

    1. Auto-kick a random (non-whitelisted) player whenever a white-list player joins. (but never heard of such functionality)

    2. Lower the max players setting of the server by the number of white-listed users (to guarantee random players + white-list players will never exceed contract slots). (but I can't find max players setting in config panel)

    Any thoughts on this?

    Just rented an Ark server today, configured it (using web interface only, no expert mode).

    Now I am trying to start my server, but it gets stuck in "the server will now restart..."message.

    I have tried several times, waiting 30 minutes and more trying to get it started. I also tried "force stop", "force start", but none of the options started the server.
    I have already created a ticket a few hours ago but still haven't heard back from Nitrado support.

    I really hope to get this issue resolved soon, but I am starting to get worried about the level of the service I have just rented.