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    Looks like there is another update for Empyrion. We are aware and keeping an eye that it updates nicely to your servers. :)

    Since the server update on June 20, I can't see the

    server on the Empyrion Galactic Survival server list.

    After the update problem that left us all day, June 19 with no server service, still can't use the dedicated server we paid for 3 months.

    We have tried to connect via telnet not responding.


    LOL This is very much normal. Every time the game patches its days before they update the servers. Last time when I was playing on experimental, it was 3 days before they updated my server and this was just a couple weeks ago. Nitrado and updating servers are a hot mess, every. single. time.

    3 DAYS!!!!????? They should make a note on their sales page about this! Did I miss any fine print?

    Will we get 3 free days extension then? And everyone is OK with this?

    If they act as they do with the unfortunate professionalism thus far, I will very much doubt that they will return the money from the unused server at this time.

    On Steam forums people listed 3 hosts that already updated servers for Empyrion, so it's not like it's not their fault, it's just that they probably don't work on weekends or got not enough people to handle it. This or Empyrion isn't very popular game and there's not enough servers for support to care about updating it fast. You know, you can set up your own server and update it without issues, so it's as easy as do an update and upload new files for the servers.

    I wouldn't have issue with this, if this game had an option to downgrade client (in Beta settings on Steam or otherwise), but in case of Empyrion, we can't play on a server that we payed for, cause client shows us a prompt with version mismatch and we can't do anything about it.

    Still it is unpleasant and cruel by someone who has no responsibility when a customer pays...

    So did this happen with the last update from monday, too? Didn't they get the files earlier? We just started playing on Wednesday, so didn't encounter that problem.

    It happened to me today only


    I just talked to the useless Skype support.
    - First he asked if it was just me, or more people. He didn't even know there was an issue. He sounded like he didn't even know the game Empyrion lol

    - Then he just said send a Ticket to Support.
    - Then I asked about the manually update via FTP, he said it wouldn't work because the EXE files are not available via FTP.

    I'm going to submit a ticket to support now I guess... what a crappy mess.

    I sent a ticket to support that had been open since June 17. They still haven't answered, nor do I think they will because of the feeling they offer me. I really have communication problems with English, even so I really appreciate your commitment to clarify all this show by Nitrado.

    Thank you so much.

    It is possible for us to update manually by uploading all of the files that were updated by the steam client.(using ftp or file manager) There is a dedicated server folder in the game directory. We could back up the files by downloading from the server, then we could upload all the files that were updated over-writing the old files. In theory this would work but it would be a fair bit of work and I've not tested to see if it works.

    I already checked and the same files that are on the dedicated server exist also in the dedicated server folder of the game client. It is simply a matter of finding the files that were last modified on the date and time that you updated your game client via steam.

    Try this at your own risk. As I mentioned it SHOULD work, in theory but I have not tested it.

    The "Nitrado" provisions understood to be different with respect to updating a game. For me it is to venture into difficult terrain and I understand that I pay a service to be attended to and not do the work for which I pay my services.