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    if you dont mind, how did you find this out?

    from looking on some Reddit posts with similar issues and also on the nitrado ark server Facebook page.

    plus when i loaded an earlier backup of the server we could bread and found the culprit dino left on breading.

    as a side note couple of players would have lost their dino's with mutations so got them to upload the dino's before rolling server back so no one lost anything.


    yes i am, thats the issue then lol. thank you will have to keep my eye out for the update thank you.

    its live now but its due to get another update so don't hold your breath

    are you on windows 10 because the servers have updated to the new version that came out last night (its buggy as hell atm) and windows hasn't released it yet they are still on version 799. something. i cant log into my server at the moment its frustrating.

    I am not able to enable breading on my server any more. I can toggle the option but it does not enable the breeding it just says ready to mate have tried this on all of my Dino's still same issue