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    I would but every time I try to pull it up it says that a problem occurred and if it continues open a support ticket

    Do you mean perhaps the opening of the web interface?

    If a problem occurs when opening the web interface, it is recommended to delete the browser data or the cache.

    Furthermore, it is advisable to try another browser. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, ....

    If the problem persists, the Community Forum is unlikely to help.

    not exactly but it's alright the forums were a last ditch effort to fix the problem and I don't think i'll get anywhere. But honestly thank you for trying to help.

    when I get on the 1.7.10 teckit pack I see the server fine put it won't let me join it and then I refresh and it just says pinging or can't connect to server and i've tried about everything that I can think of does anyone have an idea of what I need to do because the support team is a bit too slow (no offense) i'm just trying to get my moneys worth.