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    whelp I am attempting to reinstall my server and it has been working on the install for over an hour now. As soon as I can get it installed and reset the settings I will test as well.

    I have been following the Threads Since I created the account and server Saturday Morning... Kinda wishing I would have looked at the forums first. @cryto0ninja you have provided enormous amounts of assistance to and information Thanks.

    I am having difficulty with this whole process. I am currently running a server on the competitor company and was excited to see the release to a new hosting company. This has been a nightmare. I am having the following issues. I understand that Nitrado is working on the issue. This is my first server with this company. Mostly I host my own inhouse, unfortunately this is the only one we play and cannot at this time.

    Logging out and logging back in:

    =>Items in Vehicle are removed and missing.

    =>Player sometimes is in a previous location and not where he was logged.

    Server restarts:

    =>Player sometimes is in a previous location and not where he was logged.

    =>Items in Vehicle are removed and missing.

    =>Storage chests created are removed and missing.

    I have reinstalled the server, Today I am reinstalling it again. Is there an Update from Nitrado that will give us a rough timeline on this issue resolution. Does Everyone need to create a ticket for every one having the same issues? From what I am reading and how I understand the settings in using both hosting companies, I am having great difficulty in transferring my small amount of users to this platform.