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    I had a nitrado server a few months back. I play on xbox and my girlfriend on PC. We stopped playing and now tha valguero is out we awant to start back up.

    I purchased an ark server just like I did last time, but this time hte only options were PC or ps4. I chose PC, and now the enable crossplay setting is nowhere to be found. I tried changing the game server but there is no xbox option anymore, what is going on?

    should I refund?

    I lost my two argentavis and 2 pteradons I transferred from my old server to my new nitrado server today. Im so pissed as I have no other names and a starter base. I brought them in to help. I went off to tame new animals with them holding all my gear, I got off of them and they just vanish. Theres no kill messages, theres no inventory stack left behind, absolutely nothing. I lost hours and hours of gameplay today and now I'm stuck far away from my base and no way to get back.

    I dont even want to log into the server again....