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    Backup restore has brought back stability again. Repairing flag, then rebooting the server had no negative effect.

    Unlike Saturday's restore though, the server has changed IP address. Not sure if that's meant to happen, or should have happened on Saturday when I restored the server, or should not have happened today when I restored the server. Another strange behaviour.

    I don't know why the logfile starts at 2257hrs and stops right before the server restarted at 0600hrs but anyhow, here's what I have. Also looks like players joined the server shortly after at 2258. After they leave, the server remains empty for the rest of the log. Log is too big to paste into a spoiler so I've uploaded it as a txt on Google Drive

    I've just restarted the server after applying flag repairs and it's loaded up from a state over two weeks ago! I'm restoring it from yesterday's backup to see if that brings it back.

    Both, I reinstalled it post fixes and it was stable for several weeks. Just a weird anomaly on Saturday morning's restart that caused the server to load up from a point several days prior, possibly a week along with zero stats and full HP/Fuel/Battery on vehicles. Symptoms of what we experienced when the servers were first live. Server is back to being stable since so no idea what the gremlin was.

    Server remained in a stable state overnight. Auto-restart occurred at 0600 without error. I made an edit to the config file at 0900 and restarted the server again. Server remains stable which suggests no other actions are causing the errors to flair up other than interactions with storage prior to a restart.

    Not sure if it is helping but I'm using one line different to that of John's config. Instead of:

    I'm using:

    Like I said, it might not be helping but it doesn't seem to be having any negative effect.

    Hi John_Baumb

    Sorry no I haven't. I just cut and pasted directly into this thread the section of the log file that had the errors. I'll make sure I have full copies hereon in.

    Third restart was successful. So it seems errors are occurring purely because of any interactions with storage containers 10-30 minutes prior to a restart.

    I'm offline now until tomorrow but will pick up this thread and any progress between now and then.

    Second restart was successful. Log file reports no errors.

    Next test is to interact with a crate created before the first restart, wait 30 minutes and will then restart for a third time. This will check whether "interacting regardless of time before a restart" is causing any errors, or if time is the mitigating factor.

    Looks like I had a successful restart with no database errors in the logfile after no interactions for 30 minutes prior. I'm going to give it another restart on the hour mark (still with no interactions) just to make sure. If successful, I guess the workaround will be to set auto-restarts at 4am or whenever the server is likely to be empty.

    The following corruption is what in the log file.

    I'm going to reinstall the server again, this time I won't interact with the any storage for 30 minutes, restart the server and see if anything bad occurs.

    Took a break and then went back in to the game to find I spawned in with zero clothing or backpack. Nothing had changed and the server hadn't restarted but I guess because my restart corrupted the database, further issues are now being experienced each time I log back in.

    The naked characters are the ones that were created prior to database failure. When the database fails, you can continue to use characters that were created before the failure but they will be naked and have wrong stats, and you wont be able to create any new characters as you will receive the error.

    That sounds about right from what I've experienced. Well put.

    There's some new settings in the ini file I've not seen before.

    I've reinstalled my server and will test again but one issue that still isn't fixed is where players are after a server restart. They seem to be 15 minutes into the past which was happening before this new ini file was in use. Is this a server setting or a database issue?