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    My argentavis will not mate with eachother if they are offspring. i can mate two tamed argies but i cannot mate two bred argies and idk why? any ideas?

    For some reason, whenever i right click with an argy im not able to use the argy anymore. I can attack with it as long as i only use left click, but once i right clcik i cant even attack anymore. im on a private server and the allow flyer carry option is enabled. any ideas?

    ahhhhhhh ok ok. i think i figured it out. o had to physically uninstall the mod from my pc and install the map directly from the store page (i though i had already done that). it works now lol. thanks all.

    try opening up each server web interface at the same time in two different windows. go down the list of checkmarks in boxes one my one and make sure they all match. it should be either a friendly fire checkmark box or a building related checkmark box.

    ping is normal. running at 43 right now. its not a new server for me, ive run other maps on the server perfectly, then i switched to crystal isles and all is invisible except for me, dinosaurs and beacons

    Hi all, for some reason my Crystal Isles server land and water is completely invisible. I can load into it normally, i can see dinosaurs floating in the air and beacons also but there is no land, textures, trees, water, rocks, nothing. Just me walking around on invisible ground. Ive tried reinstalling Ark completely with no success, same problem. any suggestions?