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    I have bought a server 3 hours ago and i still can't join it. When i press 'join' in ark it says it's connecting to my server, but after 2 minutes it says 'connection failed'. Why is this happening? My settings should be alright, i am using the epicgames launcher and i have changed in the settings of my server that only people with that launcher can join my server. I've made use of the 'multipliers' tho. idk if that has something to do with my problem...

    Anyways thanks for reading this and any help would be much appreciated!

    I have bought a server 10 day ago . 4 day Steam not connected ,2 day epicgames launcher not connected ,Not list server ....

    I have recently purchased a server andt the server is showing up on the server list but when i try to connect it, it loads for like 30 seconds then say "Connection Timeout". is there any way around this? i did bump up some rates and changed some settings, could that be why i cant connect? someone please help;(

    yes ,my too 3 day