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    Yes i had a shelter and wooden box crafted and both vanished when i was gathering stuff.

    What i did was putting my stuff in a vehicle or hiding it in a house wich is risky but better then everything gone the moment you turn around.

    The issue is also that you cannot "maintain" anything from fires to shelters !

    It just says: 0 days - 0 hours - 0 minutes

    Other then that the server runs stable !!!

    Installed freshly about 2 hours ago and no crashes of the sort.

    What did happen was my wooden storage box filled with loot disapeared after about 5 minutes !!!

    The tooltip says: Expires in 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds and it stays like that and also cant "maintain" both shelter and bonfire ?

    Also at the admin.ini file what do i need to type after the line 1. ?

    Just my name of the character and reboot server or do i need to type some other lines ? really confusing what to type there :P

    No errors so far lets hope it remains this way <3

    Might be starting a server this weekend, hopefully the server will run stable and without problems.

    Would hate to leave Nitrado as its for me one of the best providers so far.