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    There is no such thing as "too much RAM" for any application, ever. However, a word of warning - check out the other (multiple) complaints coming up against Nitrado servers in particular before investing any of your hard earned.

    A friend has paid for provision of a server for Avorion, a sub 1Gb game with minecraft graphics, but it seems that's far too much for the Nitrado servers as even without player sits at ~50% cpu and memory, spiking randomly without anyone connected to 100%.
    That is of course when it's actually working, which is few and far between. And lets not mention the 5000+pings randomly.

    And yes hello again @unpaid moderators, yes - I know I and my friend can submit tickets, and how they're organised and how long they officially "usually take 24hrs" etc, etc, I've read it all before and frankly I'm not interested in any of your excuses for this useless company.

    This is more to warn any potential customers reading these later to avoid this fail company at all costs. If you're one of them, you're welcome.

    If in the vane hope that anyone with more than one braincell to rub together from the company who does have access to the relevant parties within the business and/or who have any interest in saving the rapidly diminishing reputation of Nitrado wish to respond, then by all means do so, it'd be really nice to play on something that's been paid for, for more than about 15minutes before it times out or crashes, or both.

    Also, there is absolutely no way in hell that now I, or my friend, who's also had their fingers burnt by your failure to provide what you claim to, will ever use your company again and will ensure that this point and examples (plural) are referenced elsewhere.

    Yours sincerely,

    Another pissed off customer.

    Example (with zero players connected):

    Finally managed to get onto the server (for under a minute of play) before hitting 22,831ms ping. Just think about that for a moment, a 22k ping...

    Now according to this site (below) london to Honolulu, literally the other side of the globe is at it's worst an 824ms ping, so where exactly are the Nitrado servers ? are they VPN'ing each server from Apollo 11 ? perhaps the C64 operating system they're running has somehow spooled out it's tape drive and that's interfering with their dial up modem.

    Ping time between London and other cities - WonderNetwork

    I can assure you that there is nothing showing as I at least have the ability to both read and write.

    I have checked my emails and found the response (that was not showing in your "My Support Requests" page which is obviously broken as well)

    I will accept the offer of moving to a new hardware machine (which I have just emailed back to confirm), I trust that you will also ensure that my paid for months game time is reset once the new machine is setup. I do not expect to pay for a service that cannot/has not been delivered.

    Yes and this time, rather than copy pasting a generic response (like last time) it gets better ! - this time it's not an answer to an utterly different question, 'this' time they've copied the text from my ticket and pasted that AS THEIR RESPONSE...

    Now. Remind me what part of Nitrado as a "Professional Hosting Solutions" provider decided to hire an entire team of illiterate, idiotic, careless bunch of useless "individuals" ? and while you're at it, remind me WHY I'M PAYING FOR IT ?!

    Edit: They also had the audacity to close the ticket as "solved" as well !!? presumably to make sure they meet an internal SLA, but fear not, i've re-opened it and if they don't solve it this time i'll spend all the time I would be gaming making it "very" publicly known what sort of service this company offer.

    This is the second time in under a month I've needed to come back onto the forums/ticket system.

    ARK server changed to a new map (Ragnarok) - huge lag spikes, crashes <30mins in, connection timeouts, maxed ram usage despite no-one on it. Stopped and restarted a new blank wipe on the original map (Valguero) that'd been used for a month plus, and now it's also riddled with the same lag spikes, hang ups, crashes and time outs.

    Now to answer the default copy/paste questions from the mods:

    - No, there are no log files to illustrate any crash reports (that I can find within /shootergame/saved/logs/...)
    - Yes, I have raised a ticket

    And no, i'm not impressed with the crap service that's being hypothetically provided. :thumbdown:

    The TITLE of the ticket is "(PC/Steam) ARK server not showing up" and the referenced forum post in that first message was totled "NOT EPIC GAMES RELATED - Ark server not showing up"

    I'd of thought that was pretty clear that this was, you know, nothing to do with the epic games launcher issue !!

    It's almost like they totally disregarded what'd been written, didn't bother looking at the evidence provided and then copy pasted the completely unrelated answer in the hopes it'd magically fix the problem.

    But to answer your question from earlier again, yes, I did reply (with the below) confirming it was - nothing to do with the epic games launcher. As they clearly missed that. Somehow.

    By: You, Yesterday, 07:58 pm

    1. A) as per the ticket TITLE and the forum post this has nothing to do with EPIC games launcher.
    2. B) did anyone actually bother reading the ticket ?
    3. C) what is being done to compensate for the now two days (and growing) loss of paid for, game time ?

    And as it stands it's three days going into the fourth and no further communication whatsoever. I wonder what their SLA's are for customer support...

    The ticket information wasn't just for you, but the other paying customers who are using this "service".

    Perhaps if you/the company are so worried about personally identifying people within the "support" function, perhaps they should be held to account for their utter lack of help, or indeed, bothering to read at all. Although I do understand GDPR, so for those that are interested, i'll quote the original query and Nitrado's "support" response (without naming names):

    - again note time stamps and specifics of what "help" is provided.

    Original request:

    By: You, 06/12/20, 11:27 pm

    1. Also, why is my ticket listed as created "Tomorrow, 12:24 am" when clearly that's ridiculous !?


    By: Nitrado Support, Yesterday, 06:07 pm

    Helpfulness ?


    Any other responses over the last three days ?


    I'm aware of the rules and that's why it's not targeted at either any one person(s) or mod(s), it's targeting the business - who are the ones at fault and also the 'swearing' is blanked out for PG reading of this fiasco.

    And by "backed up" you mean non-existent for the last three days I presume

    In answer to your query (understanding the mod's lack of insight into support tickets) this is the transcript of the ticket, you should specifically note the time stamps and the distinct lack of any "support" here as the 'only' reply has been a copy/paste solution to a DIFFERENT PROBLEM, great work:

    Support ticket answered with a copy paste "epic games launcher has this workaround".... utter incompetence and an utter lack of attention.

    Looking forward to getting a human being that will 'actually' bother to read the issue and then resolve it.

    Also, no word on what's being doing to compensate the lost (paid for) game time.

    "We've been playing fine for a month, we renew literally a two days ago, then update drops, now the server won't show up anywhere." - so no, it's not a new server (!?).

    This isn't a case of roll back, the server does not show up - period...

    JonasDM this post is specifically for steam, please do not add to the torrent of posts about the epic game issues, this is not part of that issue.

    We've been playing fine for a month, we renew literally a two days ago, then update drops, now the server won't show up anywhere.

    Yes we've restarted the server.
    Yes it's showing up to date.
    Yes the 3 incredibly popular mods are up to date.
    Yes we've checked filters in the game server browser.
    Yes we've refreshed it, waited, refreshed it again.

    No, the server is not showing up anywhere.
    No it will not allow direct IP connect through steam or run command as per the ark wiki.

    What exactly are we paying for at this point !? :cursing: