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    I love you mate

    Server v311.94 is rolling out right now on Offical Servers.

    Patch notes says that it will containt following update: Additional Logging on Official Servers to identify connection and listing issues.

    This could help to track down the poblems we are having but it says official Servers so maybe not after all xD

    We all have the same Problem, all nitrado ark servers i am aware of dont work with epic games version of the game most people bought their Servers yesterday.They patched teh Servers but that didnt help and no more information is communicated at this point...

    I can confirm what MechaGenide said.
    I tried joining other inofficial Servers on 311.74 from other hosters and I cant join them but when i try to join a server with 311.78 or 311.79 it works like a charm.

    EDIT: I tried more inofficial servers with 311.74 and some of them are working.

    I also get a "Login Failed - Connection Timeout".

    As MechaGenide said it probably needs an update which is not rolledout yet.
    If I search for Nitrado in the Server browser i see many Servers but they are all still on 311.74.
    I made a ticket yesterday evening and was told it should be fixed till this morning :(

    I enabled "to allow Steam and Epic players or just Epic players" (tried both).
    I also tried to disable anti cheat and rebootet a couple of times.
    The Server shows up in the Server browser (only when using epic client) and can be entered with steam client (when using the ip) but not working with epic client.