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    I have tried changing the start time in my interface and also in the ini file, but the server still restarts at whatever time it was before restart. Am I using the incorrect format?


    Also the darkness intensity multiplier will not allow settings over 1 and I would like my server lighter at night so please change the limitations to allow a higher setting. You know, freedom to do what I want on my own private server type deal. =o)

    I don't see the admin settings am I doing something wrong?

    Under "config files", the file name is actually a dropdown, and you just select the admin one and push load file.

    Lol Mine is not a drop down there's only one choice. I click on the box, its says ServerSettings.ini and there's no other choice, has mine not yet been updated?

    Do I have to reinstall my server again?

    Hey guys,

    It is very frustrating to have these issues and we all expect things to work if we pay money for them but if you deal with software and IT services professionally, you should understand that this is almost always how it works. The test environments don't work the same way actual go live events do and rarely is the product ready when they decide to put it on the market. It's not the technical workers or developers who cause the problems, it's usually the management pushing deadlines to get to the money making part. I work for a government agency and our software (3rd party private company) still doesn't work correctly 2 1/2 years after go live.

    Also understand that Nitrado is based in Germany so their time zone may be different than yours. I have run servers here in the past for Arma2 Dayz Epoch and Empyrion Galactic survival and they ran very well, the customer service is slow but they will get to you eventually and my experience is that they will take care of the issues. I also hope that they will give us extensions of our server time lost due to their technical issues but I do not believe they are obligated to. Please be patient. Their pricing is much better in my opinion than the competition and the fact that they use SSD's and have dedicated ram says to me the end product will be worth the wait.



    OK we need an update please!

    Hey guys, my server restarted several times while I was at work today and it's not set to do that. Two of the new cabinet containers full of loot disappeared. Also, when I restart, it is ignoring my restart time of day setting. Hope this info helps.

    Has there been any word from the Scum Devs on fixing the admin issues? I know you're working on things but I expected to come home from work with some progress. =o) Can we expect extended time on our servers once you guys fix the problems?

    I'm finding vehicles, just no trucks, mostly Police vehicles and tractors. a few ATV's. I thought it might be a glitch but it's probably just

    weird RNG. It will be nice when we can use admin commands to look for sure.