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    Meanwhile we've paid money for a service that isn't working as intended. I've asked for credit twice and they have either sidestepped the inquiry or not answered.

    Hey guys, my server restarted several times while I was at work today and it's not set to do that. Two of the new cabinet containers full of loot disappeared. Also, when I restart, it is ignoring my restart time of day setting. Hope this info helps.

    I've been avoiding server restarts because of this issue with losing items.

    It seems, upon restarting, the save state is reverting to an old state, not the most recent. After reinstalling the server, i followed the steps listed by support. Played for about 10 minutes, then restarted the server and updated some settings. After the restart i logged back in and loaded in a state that was far earlier then when i restarted the server. I tried this multiple times, with each restart it reverts to the first save state, no matter how much additional time is played.

    Are we able to edit any of the text / settings you provided above before pasting into files config area or will this cause issues?

    Thank you for the assitance.

    There's definitely a database issue. Character stat progress is being reset or lost somehow, Items are disappearing, etc. This is in no way playable at the moment. They better be issuing credit for the inconvenience.