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    I recently installed CF and Zomberry Admin Tools as per the Tutorial thread in the forums but it seems that ZB is throwing errors and crashing the server at startup. "ZomBerry/AT/scripts/5_Mission/zomberrymenu.c(607): Unknown type 'CallType' " is the specific error but it seems that this is an issue if CF is not loaded correctly? I'm trying to chase the rabbit using google but I can't seem to get this figured out. I added the startup parameter "-mod=@CF;@ZomBerryAdminTools;" (should this have quotes around it in the startup line? I've seen it both ways) at install per the tutorial but nothing seems to work. Is this an issue with the new 1.08 update? I have read that it broke a lot of mods, but then I ask, how are so many other servers up and running still if it broke a bunch of mods?

    Hi swainwa,

    The Mod parameter should have quotes around it if anything within it has a space e.g. if @ZomBerry was called @Zom Berry then you should quote the entire Mod parameter. If there are no spaces in any of your mod names then quotes should not be needed but shouldn't do any harm anyway.

    There should be no need for the ; at the end of the @ZomBerryAdminTools also unless another mod is to follow.

    Did you copy the key files from the mod folders into the servers keys folder etc.?

    I recently installed ZomBerry on a modded DayZ server that I run locally on my machine and have no issues with it loading, and that's with the latest 1.08 update too...

    Hi ForevaJugga,

    I personally don't have any experience with the XBOX DayZ side of things, but I am familiar with the PC DayZ side.

    I would advise for you to submit a ticket to Nitrado Support for assistance with your question as they will be best to advise :) You can find the link in my signature!

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    Just logged in to my server and for the first time since the issues were fixed, they have come back. Characters have reset to 0% stats and half of my base has disappeared.


    Restoring the server from the latest back up was successful. Will reboot the server to see if it remains stable.

    Restart was stable. How weird. No idea what corrupted the database.

    Hi Chef,

    Prior to you restoring a backup, was your server installed pre or post Nitrado confirming some of the major fixes?

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    Hi DarkPirate666,

    No problem, we're all new to something at some point and we're here to help eachother out :)

    If you need to submit a support ticket you can do so by clicking the following link: Gameserver Support |

    In the meantime I have moved your thread over to the DayZ section for further visibility.

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    Hello everyone! It's been a couple of days I have found an annoying problem in a server. Now I'll explain. I enter the server, look for stuff in the houses, kill zombies .. then suddenly I can no longer interact with the objects, the zombies I see them motionless and I can still move on the map but if I leave the server my character dies. I also noticed that the bottom right bar drops drastically even though I'm not fighting. Has it happened to any of you? If so what can I do to resolve it?

    Hi DarkPirate666,

    Which game are you referring to?

    Have you already raised a Support Ticket for this? if not please visit the support link in my sig to do so.

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    It was two separate issues and it's been over 24 hours. I haven't tried chat or Skype cause I already submitted the tickets.

    Hi BanMeNerd,

    You can call Nitrado Support within their opening hours, the support advisor will be able to look into the ticket for you as they did for me the other day when I had an issue with my SCUM server if you are concerned about the ticket response time.

    I don't speak for Nitrado but I suspect that due to the current Coronavirus climate, and more users staying at home gaming etc. responses may be taking a bit longer than usual in some instances.

    We are just community forum moderators and this is a community support forum, so support on this forum is provided by the community and obviously limited, we don't have access to your account etc. so if you have any issues requiring Nitrado's assistance, you will need to get in touch.

    Kind regards,


    You would need to try a full install again in order to try resolve the database error.

    However, as advised, if several re-installs don't help then Nitrado Support should be able to assist :)

    Kind regards


    Ok so i reinstalled the server a couple of times and finally my storage boxes remain however when i logged back into the server i am now a naked man not a women and my car has gone. Also when the server was setup up and after my first 2 reinstalls the server config settings were all the same a few examples

    MaxAllowedVehiclesInWorld = 600, leave time = 20, max ping 255. When i did the last reinstall (that worked) i noticed all the config setting were different such as

    MaxAllowedVehiclesInWorld = 64, leave time = 60 and max ping is now 500. there were alot of other changes also but cant remember them. So one problem fixed now i have the issue of being a naked man without a car.

    The fact you are spawning in naked sounds like you are still having a database issue, if you try to create a new character right now does it not let you enter the game due to a database error? I suspect that's what will happen if you try start a new character now.

    Have you checked the server log? any error entries in there?

    If a few re-installs via the Nitrado control panel have not resolved the problem then please submit a ticket and the Support team will assist (link in my sig) :)

    Also what you have said is correct regarding the default server settings, they were incorrect from the start but Nitrado have since resolved those default values hence why you are seeing a change :) The current defaults are correct.

    Kind regards,


    Thankyou for your response. I got the server 2 days ago so thats when it was setup / installed. So for 2 days ive had these issues. Im doing the reinstalls now so will let you know the outcome. Thanks again.

    The fixes were confirmed before then so you may be experiencing a different issue...

    Yes try the re-installs, but failing that submit a ticket to support so they can get you up and running :)

    Do i need to request a fresh server install to fix this ? I have been looking around the forums but all i see is the update should have fixed this but as that was released before i rented the server surley it should be good ?

    Hi snoggie,

    When was the last time you re-installed your server from the Nitrado control panel? Was it before the fixes for the major issues were confirmed by Nitrado?

    If so, then I would advise to try re-installing your server from the Nitrado control panel (some users, including myself, it has taken several re-installs to resolve the database errors, which is what you are experiencing by the looks of it).

    Try re-installing your server, once its running try place a few storage items down, then restart the server to see if they still exist. Also check the server log for any database/error entries.

    I think I re-installed my server 3 times following the confirmed fixes for the major issues, and my server has been faultless since.

    Nitrado are still aware of a few outstanding issues that are being worked on behind the scenes so I'm sure they will update us on those at some point also.

    Try re-installing your server (if you still have the same issue after the 1st re-install, try re-install another 1-2 times as weirdly that seems to have worked for a few others, including myself).

    Failing the above, I would advise to submit a ticket to support for assistance, including as much information as you can including logs and any replication steps etc. as support on this forum is provided by the community, not Nitrado themselves: Gameserver Support |

    Kind regards,


    Hi there,

    Please refrain from mentioning the name of competitors as its against the rules.

    Since the fixes were confirmed by Nitrado, have you re-installed your server?

    Try give us (and also your ticket) as much info on the steps that you have carried out, copy & paste any server logs into a spoiler etc. so we can try and assist you, but anything that requires backend work will need to be carried out by the Nitrado Support team and if that's the case you will either need to await a response via the ticket or call Nitrado Support via telephone within opening hours.

    This is a community forum so the support you get here is generally provided by the community, not Nitrado themselves, but I'm happy to help if I can as I have my own SCUM server with Nitrado that's performing very well.

    Kind regards,


    Hi all!

    Thought i'd get in here first with my Nitrado SCUM Server in case any of you fellow 'SCUM'bags' would like to join for some fun ;)

    Server IP:

    My CC-UK SCUMBAG CENTRAL server is configured as follows:

    -64 Slots

    -HIGH Loot

    -MAX Vehicles

    -INCREASED Zombies/Puppets

    -INCREASED Cargo Drops

    -INCREASED Animals/Wildlife

    -Mechs turned OFF

    -Base Building Restrictions turned OFF (Main rule around this is to ensure that you do not prevent enjoyment of the game for other players e.g. dont build around a high/special loot area)

    -FREE Starter Pack! Contact an Admin in-game or on the CC-UK Discord server (Discord) to receive your free optional in-game starter pack!

    We have active Admins monitoring the server each day, however if an Admin is not in-game, then they can be contacted via the CC-UK Discord server: Discord

    Come get some8)


    I have recently paid for a server, it states that it is active however neither I or my friends are able to find it when searching for it. It does however say on the overview that the server is running on an older version than the game is currently on. I have tried restarting to update this but it has not work.

    I am still waiting on a response from a help ticket and have seen a lot of complaints on here that they are never answered.

    Has anyone had any issue with recently starting a server?

    Hi there,

    It may be worth calling Nitrado Support within their telephone opening hours to get a quicker response.

    You can try re-installing etc. but Support may have an easier solution.



    Without any context on the issues you guys are experiencing (which game/platform etc. as DOAGEN has asked), the forum community cannot be of any help.

    For urgent assistance you can always call Nitrado Support within their opening hours?