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    Just wanna chime in and ask if others have gotten mods to work with Nitrado Valheim servers? It's just ValheimPlus specifically. Already sent a ticket, just wanted to check with the community if anyone else has gotten it to work.

    Will update this with a response from the ticket, hopefully soon.

    please let us know what you find out especially now that there Unix support cause just trying to transfer everything over doesnt work atm

    i have a small Terraria server to play with a friend im on East coast US hes on west server location is in NY but for some reason he constantly has intermittent connection issue where hell just get a Lost connection message and be kicked were assuming this is more on his side then Nitrado but was curious if there was anything he might be able to try to fix it

    edit: By intermittent i mean he can play for 2 sec and lose connection or play for an hour before it happens its