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    Yeah then I used the right one... ARKCon though is stuck in connecting... and doesn't really go any further not even after waiting for like 10 minutes.

    Do I perhaps have to enable something on the server settings itself?

    Yes I did follow all of these steps, as I said, it's not the first time I'm using it...

    Entered the IP (found on dashboard)

    Entered the RCON port (found on dashboard)

    Entered the Admin Password (gound in the gamesettings.ini)

    Or wait... is there a difference at nitrado between RCON password and admin password? So far I always needed the Admin password of the server to enter, but in the guide there is written RCON password.

    Thanks for the quick answers by the way, appreciate it

    Hello everyone

    So we just moved to nitrado a few days ago and I wanted to connect via the ARKCon tool with the server. It's basically just a RCON tool, but yeah, it's not working.

    I put in the IP adress, used the RCON port, used the Admin password and so on which worked so far on all other plattforms we had servers on. Just here, it doesn't seem to work, he can't connect. I tried then the other ports as well, tried changing the admin password, but nothing makes a difference.

    Anyone having an idea why ARKCon doesn't want to get a connection? Or is it maybe possible, that such a connection is not possible with nitrado servers? The function is enabled in the settings.ini of the server by the way.

    Thanks for the help