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    ".....and also may affect other servers due to congestion, and the steam network.

    And yes, this may even affect the website."

    Might be worth sitckeying until resolved over at General support as well if this is the case as it is for sure effecting other game servers. (Minecraft server web interface here)

    Opening a new thread as all the others are locked and I'd rather not spam a ticket because hell knows I hate it as a Sys admin lol.

    Still getting 504.
    Traces to host show there's a lot of hang up and failures at Miami Comcast, not sure if it Is ISP related but yeah, bumping issue.

    Update: It looks as though even wiping all previous saves while server has been stopped for well over five minutes, introducing my Save file and then restarting does nothing. A Game.db corrupt file appears so I'm assuming that's MY Game.db (which does work btw as I can host said game just fine) and is replaced with the servers own Game.DB and backups.

    This... is annoying to say the least :/

    Update update: Looks as though THIS time, doing everything the same it elected to keep the Game.DB file as the same one from my box ( Same size and watched the update time ) and it worked?
    Not sure what changed or if I did something slightly in a different order but it at least *seems* to be fine now? Making a backup and will nekro this if it comes up again I suppose.

    Hey all.
    I've been attempting to transfer my Co op save over to the new server, however this seems to do nothing to the in game world.
    As endless google results have stated and instructed, I've transferred over my /saved folder from my local box VIA ftp into the server in the same exact pathing (conan..../conansandbox/saved). When checking the folder server side, it's identical to the local files however nothing is changed and it still starts a brand new game asking to create a character.

    This by all means should be a very easy thing and I'm not sure what's going on here but any help would be appreciated greatly.