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    I was successfully able to figure out how to use the FTP to upload mods to the server.

    1. Stop the server using the Nitrado Interface. (Not the Giants Farming Simulator Interface)

    2. Upload files using FTP.

    3. Start the server using the Nitrado Interface.

    4. Open the Giants Farming Simulator Interface Home Page. At the bottom of the page you must activate the mods.

    5. Start server in Giants Interface.


    If you upload mods while the server is still running the Giants Interface will not detect the mods at the Home page or Mods Page. If the server is restarted or shutdown using Nitrado manager the mods will be deleted.

    I have uploaded two mods using FTP that are currently located on the server. When using the Giants server manager it does not show up. From my understanding the blue button only works with mods that are located from Modhub. The blue buttons will only download the mods from Modhub not other sources.

    I did perform a server reboot after uploading the mods.

    I have uploaded several mods to the FS19 server using FTP. However, I can not figure out how to install / run the mods in the web interface. I do understand that FS19 web interface has the ability to upload mods directly, but I would prefer to use FTP.