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    My guess is the update will have to overwrite all your custom xml files, it will need to to add the newer features and items.

    Once updated you will need to re-add any custom content and redo your types.xml.

    thats what im expecting atleast

    hi im trying to figure out how to add herds of zombies to heli crash locations, so that theres a chance of there being a helicopter but also a chance of a large herd there instead, or even both together.

    I copied the Infectedarmy class and made the spawn number greater and saved it as "infectedarmy2",

    I then changed the <secondary> on the helicrashes to "infectedarmy2" hoping that would cause the game to spawn my herds with the heli crashes but when i find the crash sites with helicopters theres maybe 1 or 2 not 50-100.

    i also see to be getting randon single animals spawn in the location generally clipped inside the heli model so not killable.

    any help would help