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    Hi, just a question:

    Isnt this what we are paying them to do??

    My server was down for all but two days now, yet they already sent me the warning regarding the ending of the rented time (again, that i had availabel to play for 2 days). I need to count the amount of tickets i sent now.

    Funny the priorities of this people...



    I would, in fact, rather have the server available to play then the refund, problem is, theres no way to use the server, no direct IP connect, no server found, even restarting the server (seems it was a solution before) doesnt work. In short, my friends moved on, since they cannot acess the server, and i payed for something that we simply cannot use.

    Seems Nitrado is having issues with the servers (again) and no intention of fixing them, yet, our time is still ticking, so i spent money on something that i cannot use. Thats a bad service. Any idea on what to do in order to fix this?

    I had an Ark server with Nitrado aswell, couldnt connect 90% of the times. Since then i moved to a diff company, and Zero issues with them, maybe thats the way to go with EGS aswell.

    Paying for a service not provided...

    Alot of people is complaining aswell, maybe do something?

    Ticket opened anyway.

    Not a happy costumer.


    Again, i come to the forum in search of an explanation.

    I have this 4 slot server for almost two months now, and i was using Nitrado servers for EGs for a while before.

    Now, when it works, its fine and easy to setup and use. Problem is, on most of this two months, server is unreacheable, doesnt show up on the server list, and we simply cannot play.

    I accept (somewhat) that the devs may have an issue with the game, BUT....

    You still charge for a service you are not providing.

    We still cannot find the server, my friends moved on, and are asking me to find a different provider.

    Any idea when will the time be refunded,if at all, or even better, when will the server be available?

    Thank you


    Hello again.

    Today i finally gave up and asked for the proposed switch of servers from the ticket i made.

    Since then, server is not visible, so my friends cant play.

    Seems like the proverbial short blanket, cover your head, uncover your feet.

    I manage to login (honestly no idea how), but after a few hours, server went down again...

    Nitrado, whats wrong with your servers? Also, seems theres a new patch, and our server is not updated yet.

    Thx for any help trying to fix this mess.


    Hello again.

    Today, after 3 days of constant timeout from server, having to restart server (taking around 10 mins each time), i sent a ticket to Support.

    Today, i got the message stating that something was being investigated, when my friends finally manage to login, server was wiped!!

    Giving the history of messed Epic stuff,(also no mods support ) and the bad servers from Nitrado, i decided to buy the game from steam, since it is, no doubt, more stable and versatile (read mod support).

    Took me 3 hours to finally find the server, and im STILL BEING TIMED OUT!

    So Epic is unstable, and now Steam also doesnt work...

    Nitrado, fix your servers, im paying for a service that you are not providing (seems theres alot of that in this forum).

    Tired of losing hours of work because your servers cant work properly.


    Same issue, being logged out every few minutes. Game requires prolongoed and continuos activities (taming).

    This way, game becomes unplayable.

    Wonder if it includes a refund of the days we cant use the server.