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    Hi !

    I have some questions about the server settings for Empyrion !

    This is my first server and i'm a beginner !

    This server is just for few friends, it's a way to play together without depending on the player who hosts the game.

    1 - When i play in solo or multiplayer but without server i can use a new core on any "Free" structure

    For example : i found a crash capital vessel i can put a new core to make this vessel mine but on the server i can't do that !

    On my Multiplayer Server, When i try to put the core on any " Free" structure i have a message who said : "Cannot in a regenerateable base"

    any way to change this or not ? if yes could you explain me in details how to do that pls ? ty

    2 - I have a question about blueprints too :

    In my blueprints list i have some blueprints with an error message : see on this screen :


    I don't understand why i have this message on some blueprints !

    on the nitrado website i set my server like this :

    Allowed Blueprints : ALl types Allowed

    Max Allowed Size Class : 0 ( so no limit )

    Activate Max Block Count is not ticked

    What can i do to be able to spawn all blueprints even thoose who have this red message like on the screen .

    Ty for all will try to help and sorry my english is not good !