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    I found a couple of threads that was just closed by mods on the forums. So I rented the server last night and we are unable to connect to the server from 2 different geographical locations. We're stuck on Loading... screens, we've also opened a ticket pertaining this, the ticket as of the time of this post is still in "New" status.


    Upon connecting to the server, pw was put in and accepted, the server does recognize there's a player on the server, the client was able to pick a starting planet, client gets to Loading... splash screen and is stuck there indefinitely.

    The following has been done in attempt to troubleshoot the issue:

    - Re installation of the server.

    - Version confirmed to be Experimental 12.4.2 on both server and clients.

    - Port forwarding TCP/UDP has been added to client's router.

    - EACLauncher/Empyrion Launcher has been configured to run as admin as well as excluded from local AV scans and blocks.

    - The clients are confirmed to be able to access other experimental server in the game list.

    - Upon re installation of the server we attempted to run the server in pure vanilla settings to no avail.

    - Tried running with EAC on and off to no avail.

    Any insight into this would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance!